The Ingenious Bagpipe

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The Bagpipe is as a simple tool that makes bag-filling fast, easy and sustainable.

You probably recognize how unreasonably difficult it is to fill a regular plastic bag. You’re always missing a second pair of hands to hold it, and pointy objects are virtually impossible to get in, without getting stuck or ripping the bag. The result is too often half empty and torn bags, which can’t be reused.

The ingenious Bagpipe solves the problem by protecting the bag from the INSIDE. The robust pipe is easy to fill, you can compress the content, and when the Bagpipe is pulled out, the bag is left intact and ready to be used again.

The Bagpipe is ingenious anywhere plastic bags are being used. In the garden, workshop, construction site, office or party. And the Bagpipe can even be used as a regular bin, with the bag INSIDE the pipe.

Bagpipe is made from 2,7 kg certified recycled plastic and manufactured in Denmark under fair and responsible conditions.